Saturday, January 14, 2012

Challenges ahead!

I just looked at the "elevation chart" for the Marine Corps full marathon and this is what I found....
elevation map. Basically the starting altitude is 48 and the ending Altitude is 93. That sounds simple enough right? Well what I haven't told you is that the elevation gain is 845. I will need to figure out how to plan for that dramatic gain. Fortunately it is mostly in the first few miles of the race. By mile 8-9 it will be fairly "flat."

I am curious what it will mean to train for this specific marathon, but before I get to that I have my first "frozen foot" 5K race tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm. This will be my first race in the winter and I have no specific time goal (however, I would like to run under 35-40 minutes, but I'll take what I can get). OK, the reality is I do have a time goal, but I will try to keep in mind that I've never run a race this time of year.

I think at this point I will be running 2:30 and then walk for :30. If I'm still feeling good at mile marker 2 I will skip the walk breaks for the last 1.1 mile and finish strong.

I'll post my results on here.