Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mental barriers

I have found it difficult to run at 5am when it's snowy and cold.  However when I think about how I will feel after it makes it all worth it.  The amazing thing is that I typically feel great once I get out there.  It's just the long distance between my bed and putting on the Ipod and the rest of my running gear. 

The cool part is that I have made progress.  Until the last few months I did not run at all during the winter months.  Now I have three races scheduled (one already finished).  Something else that is a mental barrier is that I'm having a hard time believing that I can be successful in this whole running gig.  I never really considered myself a "real" runner until recently.  So this barrier is the "can I do it" barrier.  I know I can... I just need to go do it.

I really want to find others who want to run so early, but it has been very difficult.  My friends typically don't want to do that.  I can sometimes find someone on Saturday, but that's if I'm lucky... (especially in the winter).

Fortunately I am not specifically training for a full marathon that will be happening in the spring.  I know that the Marine Corps Marathon will come before I know it...I have 278 days.  I'm setting myself up to have a great base so that when the summer comes I'll be able to specifically train for the full-marathon.

Any feedback of things that you have had to overcome as mental barriers?