Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mind Game

I failed the mind game this week in regards to getting up to run.
However, on Saturday morning I plan to run at least 60 minutes.
The obstacles that tripped me up were:
1. all the build-up of stress from work (we are short staffed and have
been for 6 months)
A solution to this is: creating more margin at work by leaving on time
every day and leaving work at work.
2. Lack of sleep
Refer to solution above and create time that space to start getting
ready for bed when Emma (my beautiful 6 month daughter) is going to
bed (around 8pm). Try to get in bed with lights out by 9pm as often
as possible as 5am comes very quickly otherwise).

I know that once I get out there I'm fine.. it's just getting out and
doing it that is the problem. The reality is I didn't even try this
morning. I like what some people say and to make it so it's not an
option whether or not I go out and do it. It's true for me because if
I do run several times a week everything... and I mean EVERYTHING goes
more smoothly. Until next time.