Monday, January 30, 2012

Not an option

I made it out for a 40 minute run this AM starting at 445am. This is
the first time in several weeks that I made it out during a weekday
morning. What was the difference? It was because I did not give
myself an option or choice not to run this AM. It was as simple and
as difficult as that. I know that my week is going to be quite busy
and somewhat insane so I knew this would help propel me into the week
in a productive way. I feel fantastic even though it was very windy.
I realize now that I do need to keep the socks in my windbreaker in
order to keep them warm (on days like today). I was smart and I ran
against the wind for the first part so that when I started to head
back home I had the wind to my back.

Just getting up and running was a victory for me today.