Friday, February 10, 2012

reflection about this week

My running this so far this week has consisted of a mediocre run on the treadmill (22 minutes long) and that's it... so far.  Before I go on and share my plans for tomorrow I wanted to pause and reflect about my experience.  First, I slept too long so I was late to the gym.  As I mentioned in a previous post I don't like treadmills (not many people do) and I haven't run on one for quite some time.  Since I was late I was not thinking very positive thoughts about the treadmill or the workout that I was about to have on it.  I'm glad that I went, but it was a difficult workout and very short.  Not many endorphins for me with this workout (which was disappointing, but I at least made it to the gym.  The weird thing about the gym this go around is that I have to drive about 40 miles (almost to work) to get there.  I have the entire car ride to either dread my treadmill run or to get psyched up for it.  I'm learning and it sure has been a process with all of this.

I'm planning on running for at least 60 minutes tomorrow (Saturday) even though it's somewhat snowing outside.  I am "dying" to run and the reality that the weather isn't the greatest doesn't bother me.  I want to be ready for my second race in the Frozen Foot 5k race next Sunday.  This is my last chance for a real long run before then.  My goal will be to run for 90 minutes, but I think that will depend on how I'm feeling physically.  I think about things mostly in minutes rather than miles right now due to the weather.  I think that once things warm up a bit I will run based on mileage rather than time.

Only 261 days left before the Marine Corps Marathon :-)!