Monday, February 27, 2012

Training report week 2/20/12

The most exciting thing that happened this week was my long run on Friday February 24, 2012. I took off from work so that I would have a four day weekend. I have gotten bored with my weekday runs near my house so I decided to go to Hershey to run. My original goal for this run was to run for 90 minutes. It ended up that I felt amazing so I kept going. I ended up running 11.58 miles. I think that reality that I did not know exactly how far I went was why I didn't run 13.1 miles that morning. I still used my Garmin watch but I set it up so I only knew my average pace and time (not distance).

There are two things that set this apart from other runs. First I am very surprised how easy this run was since I used a :30/:30 ratio - Galloway method. I felt great after as well.

Second the fact that it was raining and I hate running in the rain. I think that having races scheduled made a huge difference in getting me out for a run.

I find that this run felt better because I could run relaxed due to not having any time constraints.

I can't wait to officially register for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM). I am trying to simulate the elevation for this race by running in other areas. Cindy printed out a larger version of the race map. Thanks Cindy!

My run yesterday was inspired by the system Cindy and I have implemented. Basically, if I run three times in one week then I get a mileage bonus. It will help me get out more times per week. Plus I still receive the exercise bonus :-).