Thursday, March 22, 2012

Frozen foot race 3 report

I am happy to report that sticking to my plan worked perfectly.  The only thing I did differently from my training was to NOT use my I-pod.  I found that this was an advantage in a lot of ways since I wanted to focus on my running and how I was feeling.  It was fairly warm considering it was a race in March.  I think it ended up getting fairly close to 70 degrees.  I had one of my gels before the run and then at mile marker 2.  This helped provide the electrolytes that I needed to finish strong.  I think the most encouraging part about this race was that toward the end (again around mile 2 or so) I don't believe anyone passed me (except one runner who was running to fast and had to walk.  I have made it a habit recently to run/walk the first two miles and then finish strong by not using walk breaks.  This worked very well because it seemed as though I was the only one who was able to have "kicker" toward the end (at least that I saw).  It was a fantastic way to finish the series.  I am not sure exactly what my time was, but according to my watch I ran it in 31 minutes and 45 seconds.  I am very pleased with this because I believe I cut off a whole minute from my time.  I am still awaiting my official time for this race.  Next up I have a 10K race May 5th.  This will be my first 10K race that I will be using as a training run.