Saturday, March 17, 2012

Training report 3/12/12

This week I had two training runs. One was on Tuesday evening and the other was on Thursday morning. Tuesday evening was surprisingly warm for March. The run felt pretty good and my pace was slower due to the heat.

Thursday morning was amazing because I wore a tshirt and shorts when I ran at 5am. This is unheard of in March, however it was wonderful. This run I did without walk breaks and my pace was about the same as it has been in the recent past WITH walk breaks.

So here is why I take walk breaks and why I am so excited about running this year. I can run about the same pace or faster with walk breaks and I feel much better after if I take walk breaks.

I'm debating how I will run the last race in the Frozen Foot 5k series. My plan now is to run a 3/1 and try to keep my pace under a 10 minute mile. If that works fir the first two miles then I will take off during the last half mile or so to try to break 30 minutes. My only exception to this is if it gets above 65 then I will take it easy.

My ideal goal is under 30 minutes
Middle goal is 31:30
Safe goal is to just beat my last time (32?)

I'll post a race report sometime in the next few days :-). Regardless of what happens I want to keep in mind that this race is not my goal race so to hold back as much as necessary not to compromise my goal race which is the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28, 2012.