Monday, March 12, 2012

Training report week 3/5/12

There were two parts of this week that was exciting
1.  Officially registering for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM).  It was difficult to get into the marathon since so many other people were waiting to register.  I know that this will be an overwhelming experience because I have never run with more than 5,000 people.  This has about 30,000 runners involved.

2.  Having the opportunity to run with two friends on Saturday.  I ran a 5K training run at 6am in Harrisburg.  Then at 8am I ran with a different friend a little bit more than a 10K.  This was exciting because I typically don't have anyone who wants to run with me.  I like the social aspect of running and this was excellent to have this opportunity to run two different distances with two friends all in the same day.  I did not force my friends to take walk breaks during these runs and I was prepared for both of them as well.

This Sunday I have Race 3 of the Frozen Foot Race Series in Elizabethtown, PA.  The forecast right now is that it will be a high of 68 degrees.  It's amazing how nice the weather has been for this series.  I credit this race series with providing me the extra motivation to get out on days that I have skipped running in the past.  I'm taking it fairly easy this week with training.  I'm still developing my "game plan" for the race, but I think I'm going to stick with a 3/1 ratio and just run faster in the run portions.  If it actually is that hot then I will be caring water with me due to the fact that I know myself and how much I sweat.   I typically run with water even if it is cold because I still get thirsty when it is cold.

After this race I have a 10K on the schedule for May 5, 2012.  This will be my first 10K race and I'm looking forward to it.  No matter what my time is I know I will have a personal record (PR) since I never raced this distance before.

I am very thankful for the fitness that I have achieved during the winter months.  My weight is not where I want it to be (probably higher than it ever was before), but I hope to get a handle on my nutrition as time goes on in my training.  I know that just running does not mean that I will lose weight, but it's a start.