Sunday, April 1, 2012

MCM Training week 1

I have put a lot of thought into running the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2012.  I know that accomplishing this goal will be the most challenging thing I have ever done both mentally and physically.  I had a slight setback this week.  I'm not going to be discouraged about it, but I was able to do 2 of my 3 runs this week.  Fortunately, before I started this training plan I was up to 11.5 miles at one point.  I missed my 3 mile "long run" yesterday due to sickness.  I have had a sore throat since Thursday AM.  I ran Thursday AM in the wind and it didn't feel that great, but it didn't seem like it was anything more than a sore throat.  I decided to take it easy this weekend I will try to run for 30 minutes on Tuesday.  I'm going to keep on going with my plan and go up to 4 miles for my long run on Saturday, April 7th.  That won't really feel like a long run to me since I've done some decent training this winter.

I'm excited to get into the swing of things for my training and to actually be able to run healthy.  I took a step back for the benefit of accomplishing my goal of finishing the MCM with a smile on my face!