Saturday, May 5, 2012

9th Annual DUI Victims Memorial 10k Run

Today was my first 10K race.  I was concerned about the heat and all of the rain that we have been getting this week.  This morning was more of the same, but the race started in the 60's and probably ended up in the 70's by the time we were done.  I wanted to give a race report and let you know what I learned from it.  Technically this should have been simply a training run, but it ended up being a true race for me.  My original goal was to get between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes.  As I mentioned this was my first ever 10K race so I just used my training to determine those times.  My far reaching goal was under 60 minutes, but because of the heat I didn't think that would be possible.  I started out toward the back of the pack and I was running just slightly slower than a 10 minute mile (10:05) ... this was me going out too fast, but since it was "fairly" cool at the time I didn't think anything of it.  After less than a mile my Ipod died on me, but I did not let this discourage me, but I made it a point to focus on my breathing and thinking positive.  I kept this up until approximately the 5k mark (I haven't officially checked my Garmin watch to know for sure).  I allowed myself to stop at all of the water stops to get a least a few sips of water.  I took a Clif Shot gel once before the race and once before one of the water stops.   On the way to the finish line we had a wonderful breeze that gave me new life.  I was never worried about not finishing, but I was very surprised that I was able to keep running between a 10 and 11 minute mile.  I want to remind my readers that this was supposed to be a training running with a lot of support and a bunch of other runners... this was NOT my goal race so pushing myself too hard didn't make much sense.  As a side note:  on my Garmin watch I did NOT have the distance that I covered, but just the actual time and my average pace.  This helps me a lot so that I can stay focused on doing what I have been doing and not worry about how far I still need to go before I finish.    The most humbling thing about the race was that there was a lady that was pushing her running stroller who started behind me... and I saw her stop several times to take care of the kiddo... and she finished ahead of me.  I made it a point to find her so I could give her props... because I've run with Emma and it's not easy.  The coolest part of the race was the last .2 miles or so when I kicked it into gear and passed two people.  The best part about that was that I still had something left and I completed my race in just over 1 hour... 1:05.  It is a wonderful feeling to have cut off TEN minutes off my lower goal time.  I'm a happy guy.  Until next time... I'll see you out there!