Saturday, June 23, 2012

MCM Training run with TNT on 6/23/12

This was my first official summer run and it was hot and humid.  Fortunately it was not nearly as hot or humid as this week has been.  Before I made the decision to take it easy this morning my Garmin  beeped at me and told me that my battery was low.  So I have no specific stats for this run but I was able to run with no outside cues (which was actually a good thing!)

I made it a point to enjoy the run as much as possible (run happy!) even though it was a tough run.  I took a few walk breaks.  This was a Team In Training (TNT) run so I had lots of cool people who I could run with this morning.  I am a "back of the back" type runner and I am very thankful that have a few people who runs about my pace.  I think it's easy to go a little faster when you're with someone... I think it just naturally happens).

We ran at Wildwood Lake this morning and there are a few hills, but nothing to write home about.  We ran steady to the first water stop (about a mile and a half into the run).  We continued on and it was fairly uneventful.  We saw some of the other TNT runners coming toward us as this part of the course was an "out and back."  I yelled "go TEAM" to encourage those other runners.  Once we got back to the water stop (which was about 4.5 or so, but I'm not sure) I was ready to rock and roll and run the rest of the run the best I could.

The last several miles of this run was in the sun which made it a little more challenging.  Toward the end of the run I had to dig a little deeper and reminded myself that I was running the last hill (which really wasn't that big when I drove up it) it for Luke Belmont.  He fought so hard against his Leukemia (ALL type) and lost.  Anything I was feeling was nothing.  Therefore, I "dug deep" and ran as hard as I could until the end of the run.  I'm doing it so that we can find a cure.  Now if that's not a purpose greater than myself I don't know what is.

Also, something that I really appreciate about my runs is that the people I run with are amazing.  I had a really deep conversation with one of my fellow runners that helped me realize how this TEAM is different than others and how we support each other.

Thanks Central PA TNT!  Run for a cure!  Want to help?  Go to my secure fundraising site and donate any amount.  No amount is too small.