Saturday, June 30, 2012

MCM Training run with TNT on 6/30/12

Today I met up with my TNT friends at the Conewago Recreation Trail at 8am for our weekly long run.  It was very hot, but because we started early I had a very good run.  Today I heard some updates on a few of our honored patients.  One of my fellow TNT runners found out that her honored patient passed away last weekend.  This motivates me to want to continue running and raising money until we find a cure.  Personally I am running in memory of Luke Belmont and since he already fought hard and lost his battle that means that I'm going to fight hard until we beat cancer.

My run went surprisingly well this morning.  I went out very fast for me for the first 2 miles (10min 30 seconds per mile).  The amazing thing is that when I slowed down for the other four miles I only slowed down a total of 30 second/mile total.  My overall stats showed that a ran an 10:59/mile.  The funny part about this is that I was going to slow down today, but for whatever reason my body pushed a little harder today.  The cool thing is that I set up my watch so that I did not know exactly how fast I was going, but just how far and how much time it took.

This training is so much more than just running fast or far... It's about finding a cure for blood cancer and cancer in general.  Will you help me in this?  Please consider donating... not to me, but for the cause of wiping out cancer.