Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MCM training run with TNT 7/21/12

It is already Wednesday, but I had an inspiring run on Saturday with TNT.  The primary reasons it was inspiring was due to the "mission mile" which meant a lot to me since I knew one of the honored patients, but had no idea she had Leukemia.  We ran in Elizabethtown at Masonic Village.  I used to live in Etown but I did not realize how beautiful the area is back there.  I ran 9 miles and it felt fairly comfortable.  Again my pace has been improving as a get stronger which is a side benefit to me running longer distances.  

The other huge benefit of this particular run is that I was able to spend time with others who are also running the Marine Corps Marathon.  I met several other runners from York who will be running with me in DC on October 28, 2012.  It is very cool to meet new people and even though I might have never met them before we can relate due to our passion for running and our passion for finding a cure for blood cancer.

Being a part of Team in Training was such a great decision due to the opportunity it provides to run for a cause greater than myself.  Also I have wanted to run with others for a long and and TNT helps me do that with individuals who run the same pace as I do.  

These past three days (Monday, Tuesday and Today) have been very difficult to get out and run.  Intellectually I know that I want to and that it will help me in every aspect of my life.  The problem has been my sleep since we got back from vacation.  I'm doing my best to get my sleep sorted out so that I can be the best possible counselor, husband and friend.

94 days left until the Marine Corps Marathon.  As the race draws closer I get more excited. 

Officially I have raised $2,535.40 toward finding the cure for blood cancer.  I am not going to stop running until we find a cure.  I believe that I'll continue running after that too (assuming that this happens during my lifetime).  Will YOU be a part of this amazing cause?  I am not just passionate about the running, but I want to be a part of ending blood cancer (and hopefully all cancer).  Thanks for your consideration in this huge undertaking.  My goal is to raise $3,500 (already have $2,535.40).  Any amount is a huge help and is greatly appreciated.

running happy!
- Wags the runner