Saturday, August 18, 2012

8/18/12 Run

I met with the rest of the TNT team at 7:30am.  There were close to 50 individuals running this morning. We had several mission moments and one was very emotional.  It reminded me why I get up so early to run.  Running for the purpose to raise money to find a cure is so inspiring.  It felt fairly cool at the start of the run. Obviously compared to how warm it has been this summer today felt great.

We started out on somewhat of a trail run for the first mile.  I was able to run with Amy M. during most of this run.  The cool part about this is that she runs pretty much my pace which made it so I was not trying to catch up with others running faster than I am able.  I felt absolutely amazing during most of the run.  The most notable moment was Moore Mountain Rd.  There were several "friends" aka hills before this, but this was a very long steep hill.  I was determined to run all the way up the hill by shortening my stride and putting one foot in front of the other.  The amazing thing is that by telling myself over and over again that "I love hills" that it actually worked and I made it up strong.  I only stopped because I wanted to wait for my fellow runners.

It is amazing the difference just a few minor changes makes.

1.  I ran 6 solid miles on Monday and then missed the run Tuesday, but I did 3 miles Thursday.  Actually getting in 9 miles during the week instead of 3 made a huge mental difference.
2.  Changing up my nutrition was huge.  I had my Greek yogurt, oatmeal, raisins, and an 8 oz glass of Orange Juice.  I also took 3 shot blocks right before we started (with h2o of course).  At about mile 3 or so I took 3 shot blocks and 3 more at about mile 6 (give or take I can't remember).  I made sure I was hydrated during the week.
3.  My attitude was very positive going into this run.  I knew that it would be very difficult and that there was a good possibility that I would be running the longest I have run before, but I was up for the challenge.  Having Amy M was a huge plus with this because I had someone running my pace which is tremendous.
4.  In addition, for most of the run I did not have any feedback from my watch except when it came to how long we had been running.  I made it so I could not see how fast I was going nor how far I had run.  This helped a lot.  I just kept running until the end.

Cool sightings: I saw three cows that were together that looked at us and we think they were asking "what in the world are those people doing?"
We saw at least 3 Hawks of some sort (not sure if the were Eagles, but it was still very cool!)

I am so encouraged by this run.  I've been saying that it was difficult but empowering.  I came home after the ice bath in the Yellow Breeches Creek to chat with Cindy for a little bit.  Then I downloaded the info from my Garmin to my computer and uploaded to Daily Mile.

The tough run last week made me REALLY appreciate this week.  I would be really struggling if I did not have others to run with me.  I could have done it, but it is so much better to share the journey with others.

I look forward to our run next week with the York team in their territory.  It's always a good thing to switch things up with the courses so we don't get bored and we we are challenged in different ways.  My coach, Coach Mike, said that this run was the hardest that he can do in this area.  The elevation change was huge.  MUCH greater than I will face at the MCM.

70 days and 11 hours until the 37th Marine Corps Marathon.  I am so excited and I know I will be completely prepared for it when the time comes :-)!  The hills are my friends.... Running happy!