Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/25/12 TNT run

Today we went to South York County for our run.  The York team hosted.  It was a trek to get to New Freedom PA where we started, but they put together nice course.  There were a few hills, but nothing compared to what we did last week at Messiah College.  Today was our "fall back" week for the Marine Corps training.  I "only" had to run 10 miles today.  The reason I say "only" is because we have been slowly going up in miles.  The last two weeks we've done 12 and then 13 miles.  It was a welcomed break.

I must say that even though 10 miles was supposed to be a "break" it was harder than I thought.  I think this was due to me not mentally preparing as much as I typically do.  In addition, I got lost on the way to the run and that didn't help... but I made it and before we started so it worked out :-).  I had a decent attitude about this.

Anyway, I found a few people to run with who are going to be running the MCM that were a part of the York team.  I am hoping that I will find someone who I can stick with most of the way during the race.  I'm not sure if that's realistic, but I do know that there are at least 30,000 runners.  I know I will have someone to run with.  All of these training runs have helped me to realize that it is more fun to have someone to talk to during the run, but I can do it either way.

I appreciated the company that I had during this run since I was able to keep up with the "Yorkies."  I actually ran an 11:22 pace for the 10 miles which is awesome since that's what I was running before it started to get hot.  This means to me that I'm getting stronger and faster (even though it doesn't always feel that way).

Overall this run went well.  The fact that it was a shorter course for me helped as well.

There are several things that make running with TNT an excellent decision.
1.  I get to meet people who are passionate about running and helping those with blood cancer.
2.  Running to find a cure for cancer is motivating.  Gets me out in the morning.
3.  The cool people and the motivation and inspiration that they give me.
4.  Hearing stories of how the research that LLS is doing is helping so many people.
5.  Running rocks!  TNT has taught me to run my own race/training run and help others along the way.

I am having the time of my life doing these runs.  Next week I have 15 miles on the schedule.  This is extremely exciting for several reasons.  1.  It will be my farthest run to date.  2.  It is my 32nd birthday.  3.  It is in my hometown of Hershey (I grew up there and graduated from Hershey High School).

I am still raising money for LLS to find a cure for cancer.  I'm sure you can see my passion is for more than just running.... it's to find a cure for cancer.  Want to help?  Just go to my secure website to donate:  I've raised $2,500 dollars so far.  I'd like to raise $1,000 more dollars.  Thanks for your help!