Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MCM training run with TNT 7/28/12

Wow... it's already Wednesday night after the run.  I hope I remember what I wanted to write!

We had our 7:30am run on City Island on Saturday.  It started out being a fairly comfortable temperature, but that changed quickly as the sun made it's way through the clouds.  I did not fuel properly for this 10 mile run.  I also think that I expected it to be easier than it was.  In regards to fuel I had oatmeal... which was accepted by my stomach, but it is not my typical fuel before a long run.  I normally have a banana and Greek yogurt (Chobani).  For some reason I had in my head that the run would not be difficult.  I ran the first 6 miles fairly strong and at a good pace.  The main issue I think I had with the first part was that I ran too fast during the first few miles.  I did not have either the two people that I typically run with.  I'm very thankful for those that did run with me because if I would have done this run by myself I'm not sure that I would have completed 10 miles on Saturday.

I walked a little bit, but at no point during the run did I "give up" or think that I couldn't do it.  I think when it comes down to it I ran too fast, too soon and it was too hot and humid.  Things that I'm going to learn from this is that I will run slower at the start, allow for a slow factor in the heat... and more than anything make sure that I'm enjoying myself.  Running happy is extremely important to me.  Parts of this journey are going to feel like a chore, but I don't want it to completely feel like doing this is a job or anything of the sort!  I'm very glad that my goal is to finish and to do my best.

The latest news is that I officially signed up to run the Harrisburg Half Marathon as part of my long run for the weekend of Sept 8 and 9.  I plan to run to the race, run the race and get a few extra miles in after the race so that I complete 16 miles.  I will just need to get about 1.5 miles each way (and I live 2.5 miles from City Island.

Running for a cure to beat blood cancers...