Sunday, September 16, 2012

9.15.12 training report

On Saturday, Sept 15 I met up with my TNT friends at Fisher Park in Mechanicsburg.  My fellow runners and I were doing loops of 8, 10, 12, and 14 miles.  I was doing the 12.5 mile loop as a "fall-back" week for the Marine Corps Marathon.  On a side note: last Tuesday I had an 8 mile run and it went fantastic.  I was feeling some of the positive vibes from my Tuesday run as I approached this 12.5 mile run.  It ended up that for the first water stop at about mile 2.5 or 3 that many of us were still together.  We were going fairly fast (according to my typical speed), but I still felt good so I kept going at this speed.  by mile 5 some of the runners had to go a different way.  I made it my goal to try to keep those who were faster than me at this point within my sight.  I figured that I'm still going at a good pace and that I didn't want to run anyone else's faster pace.  This worked very well for me because the faster crew "pulled" me along and I was still going at a good pace at our mile 9 water stop.  Now at this point I was still under 2 hours and I was almost to 10 miles.   I thought to myself that maybe I would get my PR (unofficial Personal Record) for this distance on this rolling course.  Toward the last half mile I kept telling myself positive messages like "I feel good," or "I feel great."  I also said to myself "I love hills" and "I got this."  Truth be know at one part I was saying these things out loud and if anyone would have heard me they would have thought I was crazy, but I said them with conviction and I got to the end of the course and I finished strong.  It was such an amazing experience since I ran over 12 miles at a pace that was faster than some of my shorter runs earlier in the season.  The fact is that this is not about running fast for me.  I want to finish the Marine Corps Marathon with a smile on my face.  However, it sure is a wonderful feeling that all this training is paying off and that I am getting faster.  Runs like I had this past week is why I run.  I also run because I want to continue raising money to find a cure for cancer.   Please donate and help me with this cause to find a cure for blood cancers.  My personal secure website is:  Any amount you can donate helps tremendously.   I'm not going to stop running until we find a cure for cancer.

The long term goal for my running is: run the rest of my life.