Saturday, October 20, 2012

8 mile taper run at Messiah College

This morning I met my coach and one other Capital City Team In Training teammate at Messiah.  It was so small because most of the other runners either have already had their event or their event is tomorrow (Hershey Half).  I knew that this training run would be small and I was right :-).  The weather was perfect... in the 40's - 50's for almost all of the run.  Typically runs at Messiah are very challenging.  Today was a little different, but of course I had a few hills to conquer or be conquered by.  There was one big hill on Grantham  Rd and another hill that was not nearly as significant.  Overall this was a fairly "easy" course since I've been training for this race since January :-).  The elevation change that I had to today (and most of my other runs) with was much more significant than the Marine Corps Marathon.  I feel very prepared and am very excited that there is only one more week until I am at the starting line.

One of the great things about this particular run is that the scenery is so beautiful.  I was familiar with the majority of the course.  There was almost an equal amount of uphill as there was downhill.  Technically there was only one big hill and most of the rest was downhill.  I appreciated the location of the hill because it was  within the first few miles which is similar to the MCM course.

I appreciate all the coaches have done for me and the rest of my teammates.  It is so awesome that Coach Mike created a course and gave us water stops for just two people (one fast guy and me).  I wrote a lot about this in my post last week, but I've grown close to my running buddies.  I look forward to continuing to run with the team once I'm able to get back into things.  My plan at this point is to run several times a week with the team on Saturdays while I don't have a specific goal.  I won't speak to exactly what races I will do next year, but the plan would be to run some half-marathons in 2013 and then continue with full-marathons in 2014.  The full-marathon training has been amazing and I could not have improved as much as I have without my wife's support.  It's too much right now with Emma being 14 months and trying to develop in my counseling career.  I do plan to run for a long time... hopefully until I'm 100 years old.

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