Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm 97% there!

Not only will I be at the start line of the Marine Corps Marathon in less than 36 hours, but I'm almost to my fundraising goal.  I'm 97% as of Friday night of reaching my goal of raising $2,900 towards finding a cure for blood cancer.  Will you help me in this?  I already have over 50 people who have contributed to date.  I know that finding a cure for blood cancer is a tremendous task, but each dollar makes a huge difference.

I am running in memory of Luke Belmont (son of Kirk and Valerie Belmont) and in honor of Jeff Allen.  Thinking about them and their families and what they went through is going to get me to the finish line.  I am prepared even with Hurricane Sandy making an appearance.  When the going gets tough I will remind myself several things.  1.  I know I can do it and I'm prepared.  2.  The goal is to finish and that I've already done the hard part.  3.  I'm doing this for a greater cause than just finishing a marathon... I'm running for a cure.  4.  I will "embrace the suck" and push through it.  5.  Running happy is the only way to run.

It is clear that many of us our struggling financially.  I want to encourage you if you can't give to this cause that you find something that you are passionate about.  I am now very passionate about running and about finding a cure for blood cancer.  Running with team in training truly has changed my life.

Will you help me today by going to my secure fundraising website?  I know that some of you have been meaning to give and have not had time.  Well, now's the time.  
Here's the site:

Thanks for your consideration and keep an eye on my progress on Sunday on my Facebook.