Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blood, Sweat, and Tears - 5 Miler and future races

This morning we had a run organized by Tom to benefit the life saving work of the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and Team In Training.  This was my first run since I completed the Marine Corps Marathon.  This was held in Lawn PA and started near the Lawn Fire Hall.  This was a very well organized event and I was impressed since it was the first running of the BST-5 miler.  I appreciated that part of the run was on the road and about 2 miles of it was on the trail.

My mindset in regards to this run (and most runs) was to have fun and enjoy myself and the conversation.  One of the huge benefits of running with TNT is that I am joined with people with a similar mindset about running.  I am realizing more each day that I am very much a social runner.  I enjoy running some of the shorter distances by myself, but I'd much rather run with someone else. I talked with on of my fellow runners, Liz all about my event and my experience at the marathon.  We didn't have enough time for me to hear about what Liz experienced in her most recent adventure.  So that will just have to wait until next time.

Now onto what I experience through this run.  As I said I was running with Liz and we had a pretty good pace.  It was comfortable conversational pace.  I did not look at my watch as often as normal because technically it wasn't a race... but I still wanted a time and to do my best.  Toward the end I did look at my watch at about mile 4.5 and that is when we picked up the pace.  I had no idea how fast I was going or that I was doing much better than what I would typically consider my "normal" pace.

I rested for almost 2 weeks from running and this was very difficult, but because I trust those that made that suggestion I did rest from running for almost two weeks.  Today I got the benefit of that decision when I ran with an average pace of 9:50/mile.  This has helped to prove to myself that I can get faster and that as I focus on the half-marathon next year I will improve.  I think I will improve significantly and I'm looking forward to that!

My unofficial goal for half marathon times next year will be to improve to at least 2:15 (my previous Personal record "PR" is 2:31).  I know I can probably almost do that today with the correct course and temperature.  My "reach" goal for the time next year is to get sub 2:00.  It is a huge goal, but with proper training (I'll get this by running with TEAM) and enough hard work I know I can do it.

My top choice for half-marathons next year I think is the Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg VA and that will be taking place on May 19, 2013.  I just looked at the website for it and it looks very exciting!   More or less 10 miles of downhill and the last 5K has about a 200 ft elevation gain in the last 5k.   There are many reasons why I'm considering this, but primarily because it's in a completely different place than I've ever run before and I can simply drive there.

I'm also considering the Pittsburgh Half-marathon which is also in May.  This would be a fairly easy drive, stay overnight the day before the half marathon and then drive home.

Today I officially registered for The Frozen Foot Winter Series 2013 which has 3 races that will be held on January 20th - February 17th - March 17th at 2pm at the Elizabethtown College.  The link is Frozen Foot Series 2013.  It would be cool to see some of you come out and join me.  

I'm walking the SMT Turkey Trot in New Cumberland on Thanksgiving.  Here's the link for this Click Here to learn more and register.  This will be the fourth time Cindy and I walked this race.  Second time that Emma will be able to join us and we are looking forward to it :-).

Last, but not least I'm looking forward to the TNT events that will be happening starting next week.  I miss my running family so I will do my best to make these runs.  Actually, the first run that is happening next week I will be bringing Emma along for the 3-5 mile run that we will be doing.  I'm excited about participating in this.

I hope these updates are encouraging.  They keep me accountable.  I'm a social runner so if I blog that helps me feel connected to others.  I am attempting to strengthen my core over these next 6 months which will help me in my running.  Any suggestions that you have about how I can do this would be greatly appreciated!  I did not do as much core training or cross training as was suggested and I will make sure that happens during the next 6 months.  Thanks again for reading :-).  Running happy for a cure!