Saturday, December 15, 2012

12.15.12 Messiah Run

This week I made it to the gym Monday through Friday and had a great run outside with my TNT friends on Saturday.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I did treadmill workouts.  Mostly used some interval training and gradually made it go faster.  I am learning how best to use the treadmills and I'm am starting to not be so afraid of the treadmill.  The crazy thing about this week was that I did something either at the gym or outside every day this week (6 days in a row).  Before you get concerned about me over-training I want to make clear that during those gym days I spent about 30 minutes on the treadmill on my running days and about the same amount of time on the bike.  I did not push all that hard during these workouts.  The point for me was just to get to the gym and enjoy the process.

Today I met with my TNT friends at Messiah College.  This is the most challenging location for runs because of all the hills.  Today I was originally just going to do about 8 miles (since it was Messiah) and because I hadn't run beyond 6 miles for a little while.  However, I had some positive peer pressure and I decided to go ahead and do the 10 miles.

The most memorable parts about this run was the people.  We had good conversations.  I also remember seeing a cow just chilling.  I think I saw an bird of prey (falcon) at some point, but I'm not certain.  I kept a decent pace for this run (about a 10:30 min/mi) which is much better than my typical hilly run.  I need more runs like this in order to prepare for the Chambersburg Half.  One of the guys that I was running with talked a little bit about the Chambersburg Half and he said that the hills are comparable to Messiah.  I have my work cut out for me for that race.  It's a really small race so we'll see how that goes!

I'm very motivated and encouraged by the consistency that I was able to accomplish this week.  This was a "first ever" experience of having 5 days of the gym and then running 10 miles the next day.  I'm taking Sunday completely off (though it might be good to get a short walk in there somewhere).

Next week I plan to run a few more times outside (as the weather allows) and to still make it to the gym Wednesday and Friday for cross-training.  My focus will continue to be on developing my core.

I'm thinking about organizing a run starting at City Island next Saturday because I don't think anything is officially scheduled.  One of my goals between now and next Saturday is develop specifically what my training plan will be between now and the Chambersburg Half, March 9, 2013 (that's 12 weeks).  Fortunately, I just ran a fairly challenging 10.5 mile run today so I'm not concerned about it being so soon.

Until next time... running for those who can't... and running for a cure.