Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/22/12 Negley Run

Today we had a frigid run.  I know that I'm a social runner and that it is very difficult for me to get outside when it's cold outside.  However, the one consistent thing I have done this past year is run on Saturdays.  The few Saturdays that I didn't run something didn't feel right.  Anyway, this was the second run that I organized for my TNT friends.  We had a few more people this time which was impressive due to the wind and cold.

We started at 9am at City Island and we ran to Negley Park.  This run was similar to my first run with TNT earlier this year.  One great thing about this run is that there is a hill, but that it's manageable.  Second is that once you get to the top it is all downhill.  This downhill is where I caught up with a few of the faster runners in our group.  Since it was so windy I wasn't trying to break any records, but I did run a 10.10/mile pace.  I'm VERY happy with this since I did not get much exercise in this week.

This week I did not make it to the gym.  I am learning how to forgive myself for this and to move on and do better the next day.   For me it's about not allowing myself a choice and getting out there and doing it regardless of whether I want to or not.  Immediate accountability outside of my family is very important as well.  The reality is that I am not that far from my next half marathon race and I want to keep myself in shape and move to the next level.

I know that work will be crazy next week since I need to do 40 hours worth of work in three days.  This means that I will be doing some exercise on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I will make sure I get in at least one other workout in there during those three days.  My "resolution run 5K" is on Dec 30th which is next Sunday.  I think I will try to get a run in at Wildwood park either Christmas Eve or Christmas day.  If anyone wants to join me that'd be awesome :-).  Just leave a message here or email me at natewagn08 at gmail dot com.

My obvious goal for my 5K on Dec 30 would be to get under 30 minutes.  That would be a Personal record by at least a minute.  I'll let you know how that goes.

I will be posting more specific 2013 exercise goals before the new year.  Thanks for reading!