Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looking back and looking forward

I was inspired to write this post by a running podcast called "The Extra Mile."  You can find it here.  Kevin encourages us to take a look back at 2012 and look forward to 2013.  So here's my attempt at doing that.

Looking back at 2012: 
According to my logs at Daily Mile I have run 721.34 miles
My farthest run was 26.52 miles on Oct 28, 2012 (Marine Corps Marathon)
My fastest average pace (for at least a 3 mile run) was 9:39 min/mile on December 24, 2012 (yesterday!)

The races that I ran in 2012 were the Frozen Foot 5K race series (Elizabethtown, PA).  DUI Memorial 10K(Harrisburg, Front Street), Harrisburg Half (Harrisburg, Front Street), Marine Corps Marathon (Washington DC), Blood Sweat and Tears 5 miler (Lawn, PA), SMT Turkey Trot (New Cumberland), and I will be running the Resolution 5K (Wildwood Park).

My high point for this year was training for an running the Marine Corps Marathon with Team In Training.  I ran with some amazing people.  To say that this event changed my life is an understatement.  I am forever changed by this experience.  Running for me has become a lifestyle rather than just to run races.  This experience helped me realize that I can do significantly more in life than I thought was possible.  The role of the mind to overcome physical barriers is tremendous.  Using mantras such as "I love hills, I feel good/I feel great, run happy, relax/power/glide."  Another super high point of this year and the Marathon was being able to run with my friend Amanda.  It was both of our first marathon and since I typically start out too fast I caught up with her.  This was a highlight because we ran with each other for most of the race.  She helped me keep my pace and we talked about everything.  One time I distinctly remember her asking me "what are you thinking about?"  I responded with "I feel good/I feel great... "  I think I was stuck in my head at that moment.  Having someone to run with me who had similar goals of finishing and doing the best we could.

I would say my low point was the two weeks following the marathon when my coach suggested that we completely take off of running.  This was super hard for me and when I do it again I will make sure I get to the gym to at least use the bike or something.  I missed the routine and the endorphins.  This was also hard because I trained so hard for literally 11 months and the "let down" of being done was very hard.  Nothing I had every done really prepared me for this.  Also if I'm honest realizing that I won't be able to do a  marathon this year is a "low point."  I know that this is for the best because of the time commitment of properly training for a marathon is huge (and if you've done it before you know what I'm talking about).  I have a 16 month (almost 17 month) baby girl and I want to be supportive to my wonderful wife.  I still plan to do two half-marathons, but a marathon is just out of my reach for 2013.

My goals for 2013 include breaking 30 minutes in an official 5k, breaking the 2 hour mark for a half marathon and continuing to run happy and enjoy running to the fullest.

My non-running exercise goal for 2013 is to make it to the gym more often (2-3 times per week) and get up at 4:45am as often as possible to either run or get to the gym.

I appreciate you reading my blog.  Please leave comments if you would like.  I plan to blog one more time before the end of the year (I want to write about my last race of the year on Dec 30th).  Have a great day!