Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolution 5K 12/20/12

As a look back on this month I have not run a lot, but I've been working more on getting faster than running farther.  Today, I had a 5k race that I originally wanted to run in under 30 minutes.  This would have been a stretch, but a reasonable goal except that we had snow, wind and ice working against us.  I decided that my goal was to finish and to have all of my limbs in their current state.  I accomplished this and getting a new personal record.  I don't know exactly what my official time was for the race, but according to my Garmin I got 30:40.  This is a whole minute faster than my fastest recorded time this year.  I'm extremely pleased with this because it was a difficult run.  I am realizing now that I should have had some "yaktraxs" which I knew about before the run, but wish I had for this run.

I got to the run early and I spoke with a few of the other runners.  There is just something about having running in common that takes away any of the social awkwardness away.  I talked with the guy who won the race while we were waiting for it to start (in the warmth of the building).  I also talked with another guy who just ran his first marathon this year.  It's cool to be able to relate to people even though I never saw them before.  I also was standing there watching the awards and I ended up speaking with the guy who won our age group (30-39).  I think he finished in 22 minutes and some change.  The cool thing is that winning my age group is something that I obviously would love to do, but it's not high on the priority list.  I'm racing against myself and I beat myself by a WHOLE minute!  That's a really long time for a 5k (at least in my book). 

The biggest thing that I want work on this year is being more consistent during the weekday runs/gym workouts.  I am really good getting out there on the weekend, but during the week seems to be a challenge.  As I mentioned before in post, I don't think of myself as an "all or nothing" kind of guy when it comes to exercise, but that seems to be my tendency.  I am working on my cross-training during this season to make sure that I am continuing to be stronger and run faster.

Again my "bottom line" goal for 2013 is to run a half-marathon in under 2 hours (1:59:59 would work)
Get under 30 minutes for the 5k (I might make this even harder depending on how things go during the Frozen Foot 5k Series

I hope that my posts are an inspiration to you.  I write about this for my own accountability and so that you can see the reality that "if I can do this so can you!"

2013 is coming ... so get out there!