Saturday, January 26, 2013

1.26.13 HACC 11 mile run

Today I had a difficult 11 mile run.  I started out at HACC and ran 5 miles before my TNT friends arrived for their 6 mile run.  My initial 5 mile run was uneventful.  The purpose of this run is to get the miles in, but not to worry too much about how fast I was going.  The second part of my run was the fun part.  I decided before the run started that I would try to run with at least one new TNT member.  I met two new participants.  I hope that I was able to motivate and let them know that "if I can do it they can as well." 

The most notable thing about the run the last 2 miles.  I only "needed" to do 9 miles today, but I had planned to do 11.  At about 9 miles I was starting to think about cutting the run short.  I wasn't physically feeling any pain or anything and I really didn't have any legitimate reason to stop.  Fortunately I was with my coach and we were able to walk for about a minute or so (maybe longer) and that gave me enough energy to finish the run.  I would not consider what I did "finishing strong," but I finished and I didn't give up on myself.

I am thankful for running and how it provides the strength to get through difficult times.  I'm also thankful for being able to finish the run today and not "give up."  I know that this run was difficult because of the weather, but I also know that getting to the gym only once this week didn't help.

Next week I plan to do 10 miles (I think) and I hope to run stronger than this week.

So what's my motivation to get out there on a very cold day like today? 
1.   Release the stress in my own life
2.  Running for those who can't (those with cancer or otherwise can't run).
3.  Running to show those who don't think that they can run (half or full marathons) that they really can if they pay the price of time, willingness to push and the patience to know when to back off.
4.  Since I knew I had people to run with it was easy to get out this afternoon.  I'm struggling with getting myself to the gym since no one really is watching whether or not I get there.  I want to make it so getting to the gym is a part of my routine where I don't need to even think about it, but I "just do it"
 and get it done.

I had a tough run this afternoon, but I'm thankful that I completed it.  I'm only about 6 weeks away from the Chambersburg Half Marathon and I know that it is important for me to do some hill work these next 4 weeks.