Monday, January 28, 2013

Ways to change part 2

Yesterday I talked about the first three ways I can change my life.  Reality check on today: it was mostly a fail on the exercise front.  However, we all get a new day and Tuesday will be a better day.  The three points I mentioned yesterday were : Take action TODAYSchedule your habits and do you really want it?   Truth is that my actions showed that I did not "really want" it enough today.  I remember waking up and still feeling sore from my 11 mile run convince myself that I needed another day off (I had Sunday off already at this point).  

The next point is 
4.  Schedule your day: Write a to-do list each evening before going to bed.  While you're sleeping your brain will prepare itself for the tasks the next morning and you will be ready to jump right into it first thing.  
- I did this at work.  Before I left today I made sure I had all my tasks scheduled.  I know that as I mentioned in point 2 that I must workout in the morning before work.  Get up at 4:30am and make sure I'm absolutely at the gym by 6am (I MUST leave by 5am, but I want to leave earlier so that I can get a longer workout accomplished BEFORE I get to work).  I work 40 miles away from home so I joined a  gym near work, in Shippensburg, so then I have a very short drive to work.

5.  Do not participate in negativity.  Every second you spend entertaining the negativity of others or participating in gossip is wasting precious time you could be using for positive activities.  When you feel yourself being sucked into the negative vibes, remove yourself and get back to work on your to-do list.
- I hear a LOT of negativity at work as I work in the substance abuse field as a counselor.  It is very hard to leave work at work, but it is a must for me.  I know that on particularly challenging days it is difficult for me to make it to the gym the next day.  I recognize that it is important for me to take care of my emotions not just with running, but also making sure all of my other needs are being met and that I'm having meaningful conversations with those who are important in my life.

6.  Be you.  Rather than confirming to those around you, focus on the strengths and abilities you bring to the table.  You are a worthwhile human being, don't mask that by acting like someone you are not.
- I think I do a decent job at this.  I most feel like myself when I am running with my team in training buddies and we are chatting and enjoying being together.  As time goes on I know I will want to work on this and to become more secure in who I am and not feel a need to impress anyone.

Ideas borrowed from 

My thought is that if I share them maybe I will think more about these points.  Many of them I'm already doing, but I figure if I go through this slowly that I will learn more about how to make significant change in my life.