Saturday, February 9, 2013

2.10.13 Negley run with TNT

I woke up this morning and checked the weather and it said 21 with a real feel of 11 degrees.  It was very windy, but I knew I wanted to get in my 10 miles regardless of how comfortable I felt.  The only time I was actually cold was at the beginning while we were waiting for the rest of the TEAM to show up.  After we looped around City Island I felt pretty good.  I was able to use several layers and that made a big difference.  

The hardest part of the run was when we were running into the wind from Maclay to Division.  Those two miles were rough, but other than that everything seemed to go smoothly.  I ran at a fairly steady pace of a little bit over 10 min/mile which is very close to how fast I ran last week.

The part of the run that I enjoy the most is the conversation with my fellow TNT runners.  I like having the opportunity to see other runners improve.  I know this sounds crazy, but I want to be able to run for a very long time.  After 5k race I ran in January I went up to two of the older guys who got age based awards and I shook their hand and said "I want to be running when I'm your age."  This is not just a fad for me.  I want this to be a lifestyle and to impact what I eat and how I live my life.

Confession:  the ice bath that I did today wasn't nearly as helpful as it could have been because I made it too cold and I had a hard time staying in the cold water long enough to get the full benefits.  If I'm sore tomorrow I have no one but myself to blame.

I am scheduled for the second race of the Frozen Foot 5k.  Due to time constraints and the reality that I have 12 miles on the schedule I have decided that I won't be running that race.  It's about 30 minutes away and I really could use that extra hour to run my miles rather than driving.  This is also partly so I can put family time as a priority as we will be at a marriage conference in Hershey the weekend of Feb 15-17.

This training cycle has been different from every other because I am only running outside on the weekends and I'm spending time on the treadmill and the bike.  I'm also not really logging the normal amount of miles during the week either.  I feel confident that due to my solid runs on the weekend and because I am doing things in the gym that I will be prepared for the Chambersburg Half Marathon.  There is only 28 days until I will be completing this half marathon.  I am using the confidence that I gained from running the Marine Corps Marathon to push through any barriers that I encounter along the way.

Even though I'm not raising money this year for TNT/LLS I am still training with TNT and I anticipate that I will run a full marathon with TNT in 2014 if all goes well.

Thanks for reading and remember to run happy for those who can't run!