Saturday, February 23, 2013

HACC 9 mile run 2.23.13

Today I arrived at HACC at our typical meeting place at 8:30am.  I wasn't sure what the weather was going to do, but I was prepared for whatever it would throw at me.  I ended up having too many layers as I warmed up, but I was able to have a positive attitude the whole way through.  Today I told myself that I wasn't trying to break any records, but that I was going to take it easy and enjoy running with my team.  This worked out extremely well because I ran the majority of the run with a few individuals who are running with TNT for the first time.  It was awesome because I was able to remind them that a mile is a mile and that no matter how fast we are going that at least we are moving and going the distance.  Our speed doesn't matter and that seem to help them relax a bit.

Overall I had a difficult exercise week.  I did not make it to the gym at all which impacted my mood throughout the week.  I look forward to my runs as a stress relief and I'm so glad to be able to run with members from TNT that I don't typically run with on a Saturday.  They were talking a lot about fundraising ideas and how I got involved in TNT in the first place.  I recognize that part of the reason that I can still run with TNT (whether or not I'm fundraising) is because I want to instill hope for those who haven't completed half or full marathons before.  The way I see it and the way I try to communicate it is that "if I can do this than so can you."

Overall this run was very successful.  The last 2.5 miles I ran with a member of TNT who I met about a year ago at the first Frozen Foot race (in Etown).  He commented how much more confident of a runner that I am and that he can see that I'm really enjoying myself so much more than I was a year ago.  I am SO thankful for the empowerment that comes from running.  It is quite amazing.

Lastly, (I'm adding this after I originally posted this), I wanted to mention that something that I'm working on starting out slow (AKA not going out too fast at the start of a race).  Today I was successful with this as I started out pretty much the same speed as I finished my run.  For the Chambersburg Half my biggest goal is to run the entire race as consistent speed as possible and I also want to beat my current personal record (PR) of 2:31.  I recognize that this course will be much more hilly, but I know that I am prepared for this :-).

Thanks for reading and remember that I run happy for those who can't!