Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hershey 12 mile run 2.17.13

Today, Sunday Feb 17, I did my 12 mile run as my last long run before the taper for the Chambersburg Half which takes place March 9, 2013.

As you know typically I run on Saturdays with a group of people with Team In Training.  I was attending a  Marriage conference with Cindy all weekend so I was unable to run Saturday.  I must say that my body told me on Saturday morning that it was time to run...

I met at 1:30pm across from Hershey High School to do a 12 mile run.  I had forgotten what it was like to go more than 10 miles with some hills or "friends" involved.  I asked for them from my coach because I know I will have many hills during the Chambersburg Half.

It would have been VERY easy just to not do the run this afternoon since my stomach wasn't feeling the greatest last night.  It was also cold and windy.  I decided that even though things weren't ideal that I wanted to get that run in the best I could.  It wasn't pretty, but a mile is a mile.

A friend of mine ran with me this afternoon and I'm pretty sure that it would have been easy to cut it short had I not had someone to push me.  I know I wanted to walk about 2 miles before we did walk for a little bit.  I did go out fast (I think closer to an 8 minute mile pace) which caught up to me in the end.  I have trouble starting to fast and I must figure out a way to start MUCH slower so that I don't run out of gas at the end.

The cool thing we saw was snow geese in the distance.  It was very windy and cold, but I did a decent job of keeping my self-talk in check.  I said things like "I love hills," and "I feel good," "I feel great."

I know know that it is very important for me to "respect the distance" and that there is no such thing for me as an "easy" 12 mile run.  I also learned that running with people is extremely helpful and makes the time and distance fly by.  Furthermore, I learned that changing several things like the date of a long run, time of day of long run, other things with routine before the long run is not wise and that it makes things more challenging.  Overall, I think I was dressed fairly well for the run and I was warm for the most part.  The only real issues I had was convincing myself to keep going and my face was very cold.

I'm so thankful for my TNT family.  They rock!  Running happy for those who can't!