Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3.17.13 Frozen foot race 3

Blogging about my training and races has become a habit of mine.  It has been helpful to see my progress over the past year or more of training.  This weekend I didn't have a chance to blog about my race and I wanted to just write a brief blog post.  I'm not sure I know how to write a "brief" blog post, but here's my attempt.

First off, since I had the Chambersburg Half Marathon on March 9th, I didn't have any expectations for the last of the three Frozen Foot Races.  All I wanted to do was enjoy it and chat with a few of my fellow runners.  I sure did enjoy it and the best part was running the last mile or so with a guy who is 74 years old who was carrying a flag.  I told him that I was running the rest of the race with him.  I know for sure that I could have run faster, but that wasn't to objective for this race.  I told him that he's an inspiration to me and that I wanted to run races when I was his age (and beyond). 

Also, I purposely left my Garmin watch in the car (this was extremely difficult).  The reason I did this was because if I was truly not worried about my time then I didn't need it.  I would get a chip time at the end and even that I wasn't too concerned about.  The coolest part of this was that when I looked at the results I had an average pace of just under 10:30min/mile.  This is absolutely fantastic because that's my comfortable pace for a half marathon.  It sounds like I've settled into that being my "easy" pace which excites me a lot.

My goal is still for a sub two hour half marathon.  That means I need to cut about a minute and thirty seconds off each mile to accomplish this goal.  I also want to be careful not to peak too early.  At this point I'm going to be running anywhere between 5-10 miles each Saturday.  I want to create a schedule that I can keep with this and that will help me get faster.