Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/30/13 run at Messiah

This morning I met up with my teammates at Messiah College for our long run.  I originally planned to do 10 miles, but I ended up doing 6 miles instead.  No injuries or anything.  The problem was probably one or more of the following issues.  1.  I have been very stressed this week due to some increase in my workload.  2.  I didn't get to the gym at all this week.  This alone would have been enough.  3.  Because of the stress I didn't sleep as well this week (especially not last night).  4.  I decided that I could have done 10 miles, but I am running the Capital 10-miler next weekend.  If I would have run the entire 10 miles today I think my race would have suffered and I would have been prone to potential injury.

I am confident that I made the correct decision.  It also meant that I didn't take an ice bath after the run.  I typically do that after an 8+ mile run.  I think technically I shouldn't have run any farther than 6 miles anyway :-).

Even though I didn't run the original 10 miles my thought process has still be positive and I know that it's not worth just "logging the miles" at the expense of running for the rest of my life and racing when I can.  I know I've said this about a 1,000 times, but it was made more clear to me than it has been in a while.  I MUST get in several (preferably 3) workouts during the week.  If I have extra stress it is even MORE important to get out there and run (or get to the gym).

I am so thankful for my TNT team and coaches.  They are so supportive and positive.  Specifically, I want to give a shout out to Amy, Larry, Mark and Mike.  Amy for running the first 3-4 miles with me.  Larry for encouraging us from the bike.  Mark for running the last part of my 6 mile run with me and encouraging me in my nutrition (I KNOW this was an issue today).  Last, but not least for Mike picking me up and taking me back to the start (and for giving me some tips on how to get faster).

Thanks TEAM!  I'm running happy for those who can't.