Saturday, March 2, 2013

Messiah Run 03.02.13

Today was my official taper run at Messiah College.  I have very fond memories of my TNT runs at Messiah College.  There are many "friends" that I have gotten to know over the past almost year.  "Friends" = hills.  They truly do make us stronger and where I might not enjoy them at the moment they do help me when I'm racing to accomplish my goals.

Next Saturday at this time I will have completed the Chambersburg Half Marathon.  My unofficial goal is to get sub 2 hours.  My official goal is to "run happy" and to get under 2:31 which is my current personal record (PR).  Regardless, I will cross the finish line with a smile on my face :-).

Before we started we had a nutritionist come to share the importance of hydration and eating effectively.  The primary things that stuck out for me were the importance of hydration even if it is cold (regulate body heat) and the importance of having a recovery drink (preferably within 30 minutes).

We also had several mission moments that were inspiring and which reminds me that we need to keep running and raising funds to find a cure for blood cancer.  My immediate family has not been impacted by this to this date, but I sure am passionate about this cause.

I started out the run with a guy who has been running for a little while, but that it was his first TNT run.  This is why I still run with TNT.  I'm there to encourage and inspire those who are just starting or if this is there first 10K, half marathon, or full marathon.  Since it's so fresh in my mind I am able to share my passion for it.

If you've spent any time around me you know that running is a passion of mine.  I run for the stress relief, for the ability to spend time with amazing people, and to inspire others to do the same. 

The last part of my 8 mile run was spent with a teammate who runs with the York TNT team.  She was about the same pace as me.  As we progressed through the run I learned that this was a milestone run for her and I'm so blessed to be a part of that.  After we went up one of the many hills she later said "that wasn't that bad."  That made me smile :-).

One of the many cool things about running is that it tears down so many barriers.  I can pick up a conversation with almost anyone about running.  I think this drives my wife crazy, but I find that almost any conversation can go back to living a health life and for me part of that is running.

I'm so thankful for Cindy and her willingness to sacrifice for me to be able to run with the team.  This sacrifice is not nearly as much for half marathons, but it's still a sacrifice and for that I'm incredibly grateful (I think about this nearly every day).  I wasn't planning on running a marathon this year due to the extensive time commitment.  As time goes on I'm starting to get the "bug" to run a full-marathon, but not train quite as hard for it.  At this point nothing is official, but as I run consistently though the spring and summer we'll see if a full-marathon is in my future.  If I did one it would be the Harrisburg Marathon and I've done the majority of it and I run the "hills" from the marathon on a regular basis with team.  The reason that "hills" are in quotes is because they aren't really hills compared to the training that I do with TNT.

I do appreciate you reading this and I hope that it is inspiring.  Remember, a mile is a mile and it doesn't matter how fast you run.  Just get out there and make it happen :-).  Running for those who can't!