Saturday, April 20, 2013

4.20.13 Run in honor of Boston

Today is April 20, 2013 and it comes at the end of a very emotional week for runners.  I know there has been a lot written, spoken and thought about this, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

1.  The tragedy at the Boston Marathon Finish will and already has brought the running community together and it will continue to strengthen.  I had at least 3 people at work think of me when they heard about the attack and the finish line.  I was humbled by this.  I'm glad that I was not there this year, but I will be in the future.  I'm not sure that I am physically capable of running a 3:05 marathon (which is what I would need to run in order to qualify).  However, as a runner I've learned to "never say never."  I would likely run the Boston Marathon with a charity (because that's a huge reason why I run in the first place). 

2.  On Tuesday I ran 3.5 miles in memory of the victims of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.  I found a "racing bib" that many others were going to wear during their run.  Here's a picture of me wearing it (off-centered).  This was just a small way I could show my support.
3.  I am thankful that they have found the primary two suspects (one who died at the hospital and the other is in custody).  I believe that we won't get the real answers for "why" and why wait until slightly after the 4 hour mark for the bombs to explode.  At this point I don't need to know those answers.  I just want to make sure that we as runners don't live in fear and that those who support us (our loved ones) can still cheer us on and not worry about their own safety.

4.  My heart breaks for those who were either killed or injured from the blast.  I am interested to hear more about how those who were injured are responding to all that has happened.  I predict that we'll hear about how someone was injured come back to be able to run the Boston Marathon in the future.

5.  The greatest lesson I learned through all of this is how blessed I am to be able to run and to have it as a habit in my life.  This is not something that I want to take for granted.  Today I ran some of my 10 mile run for those who can't (especially for those in Boston).

This blog post is probably the most challenging one that I have written due to the sensitive nature of what happened this week.

In regards to my run I wanted to point out a few points:
1.  Even though I didn't get to run with TNT this morning it meant a lot to me to be able to run 10 miles this afternoon.
2.  Running with others is way more fun than running alone, but I was able to think during my run and see things that I would have missed otherwise (I saw a few turtles who were "sunbathing" and when they saw me try to take a picture they jumped back into the water).
3.  I had no business running 10 miles today because my next long distance race isn't until September, but I ran 10 miles today because I didn't get to run as much during the week and I wanted to run several miles for Boston.  I did get a nice ice bath afterwards.

Thanks for reading.  Anyone have any comments about my thoughts about Boston?  Let me know you are reading my blog by either commenting below, or on Facebook.  Thanks!