Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bike ride 5/26/13

I wanted to post quickly about my first bike ride in over five years.  I decided that since I'm taking a little break from running that I would pull out my bike and go for a short ride today.  It was an amazing day.  Windy, but very nice.

I put a bunch of my running gear on (my running shoes, running shorts, running shirt, watch) for my bike ride.  It felt weird and I definitely did NOT feel like a biker today.  On my ride which was about 4 miles I saw a guy who had all the bike gear on (the most notable was his bike jersey) and I commented to him sarcastically "can you tell I'm not a biker?"  Immediately after I said that I realized that the same is true as with running... if I bike and I consider myself a biker... well then I'm a biker with or without all of the gear.

A big comment revelation that I want to mention here is that exercise is a HUGE coping skill for me, but it must not be the only thing I do.  My relationship with God is even more important than ANYTHING else in my life, yet I don't talk about it here much.  I think one thing that I can focus on more as I have so much time to think is strengthening that relationship.

There is more to life than just running or biking or whatever.  I know that through all of this I will come back much stronger and even happier than ever.  It will likely take longer than I want, but I know it will be worth it.

I'm hoping to do a mile run very slow in the next few days.  Headed off to go to Art Fest and then a Senators baseball game.