Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Florida 10 mi run

Today is Tuesday and I am in vacation in Florida.  First note is that running in Florida is challenging in a few ways.  1.  I'm running in a very different climate than I am used to in PA.  2. The humidity and sun is way more intense. 

On the other hand my route was super flat.  I'm not sure what the elevation change was but it was very minimal (didn't even notice it).

Running on vacation is awesome because there isn't the time constraint of needing to rush off to work.  I started my run this morning around 7am.  It was slightly breezy but by mile 2 or before I was sweating a lot.  

This run was challenging for a few reasons.  1.  Humidity.  2. Sun.  3. I knew I needed to run the 10 miles since travels last Saturday prevented it.  

Part of the challenge was the mental game.  One of my TNT teammates always makes sure that she goes at least the distance that's on the schedule.  I did the same thing today which meant that I had to do a partial loop of the neighborhood.  I think it's cool that I was pushed a little bit by fellow a fellow teammate that is 12+ hours away :-).  Thanks Amy!

Until next time ... Running happy for those who can't :-)