Thursday, June 13, 2013

Inspiration from the Spirit of the Marathon 2

I wasn't a runner when the original Spirit of the Marathon came out.  When I heard through Facebook that there would be a second film I knew that I would be clearing my schedule to make sure I could go see it on the big screen.  Mind you that I only go to one move every few years.  So me spending money to go see this is a big deal.

The purpose of this post is to give my reflections.
1.  I appreciated seeing marathon runners spotlighted that were from different counties (Rwanda, Ukraine among others).
2.  I have been following Julie Weiss (Marathon goddess) on Facebook and so it was incredible to see her on the big screen.  Her passion to raise one million dollars for the Pancreatic Cancer research is inspiring.  If I weren't running for blood cancers with TNT I would join her cause :-).  I'm pretty sure that the research LLS/TNT is doi g is also helping with Pancreatic cancer.
3.  The older guy who lost his son to drug addiction hit me since that taps into my day job.  It was awesome for him to do run a marathon to help him cope with this tragedy.  
4.  I appreciated how they helped us fall in love with Rome and the Rome marathon.  The Rome marathon is officially on my bucket list.
5.  I all be buying both on DVD when it comes out.
6.  After watching it I wanted to go run a marathon ... Even though it was 9pm at night :-).
7.  The spotlight on the importance of countries like Rwanda having clean water.  Go to to find out more.
8.  It was awesome o see so many marathoners that I've seen and so many that I never saw before. :-)

There are a few thoughts.  I have many more but I wanted to put I down for all of you to see.  Thanks for reading.

I plan to have my first real run Saturday with the team.  I'll be taking it easy.  I'll let you I is how I goes.