Sunday, June 2, 2013

Manheim 2013 Rock and Glow 5K race report

Yesterday, I wrote a brief introduction to the race that I ran last night 6.01.13.  I wanted to quickly update you on how it went and share a picture before the race.  I ended up having the opportunity to see a few friends at the race.  The picture below is my friend Kristie and her brother-in-law Steven.

I also saw my friend Jodi and her husband and two of their friends as well (no photo).  We had an awesome time.  I can't say enough good things about this race.  It started in the square in Manheim.  This picture is all of us before the race.  I'm WAY in the back since I walked the first 2 miles.

Starting completely in the back was very difficult for me.  I knew that I was walking most of the run/walk so I decided that it would be best for me to be in the back.  I was joking with the walkers around me.  Later, someone was talking about being "too slow" and I stated... "we're lapping those on the couch."  I also said "all that matters is that we get to the finish line... not how fast we get there :-).

I was walking at a fairly decent pace for the first two miles (14:00, 13:55).  I can hardly believe how fast I ran for the 3 mile.  I ran a 9:02 mile.  I think the last time I ran that fast for any individual mile was back in January when I got my PR for the 5K.  The nice thing was that I had two miles to warm up and then I ran the rest of the race.  It was so encouraging to be able to finish it strong as I was passing a bunch of people on my way to the finish line.

I am so glad that I found this race and that I more than made the best of it.  A day later my foot is feeling fine so I'm thankful that I did the race... that I walked two miles of it and ran in the last 1.1 miles.  I am hopeful that I will continue getting better and will be back at running regularly soon.

This coming week has a little bit of a challenge to it.  I will be able to work out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday AM.  This means that I must get out there and either run here at home or get to the gym the next three days without exception.  Read my previous post to see what I have on the line for this commitment or go and see my stickK commitment.

My hope is that June will bring much more enjoyment for my running and that I will get some answers from my appointment with the podiatrist on June 21st.

I am so glad that I found out this run from my friend Jodi.  We all had an awesome time and it was very well organized for a first time event.  I'm very impressed :-).  Thanks again for reading and feel free to leave your comments.  Running/walking for those who can't.  Walking/Running happy!