Friday, June 21, 2013

plantar fasciitis offical update #1

I have been having pain on the bottom of my foot for about the past two months.  At first I wasn't sure what was happening.  About a month ago I called the podiatrist that was recommended by my Team In Training coach, Coach Mike.  If you search Podiatrist, Etters PA you will find Todd M Pelleschi, DPM.  He came so highly recommended that I had fairly high expectations of him.  He exceeded those expectations in every way.

He let me know the primarily the issue was due to the lack of support of my arch.  I have high arches.  I think this is also due to the reality that I didn't replace my shoes quite as often as recommended.  He suggested (like I've heard from others) to have a second pair of running shoes that you rotate.

I brought my running shoes (brooks adrenaline), my sandals and my work shoes with me so that he could evaluate them for me.  My sandals are about 5 years old and they had no support so tossed them out (at the podiatrists office!)  My shoes were decent, but he suggested that I get an insert from the company "super feet."  In the next day or so I'm going to inside track to buy those inserts which I will use in all my shoes.

He took an x-ray of my foot to determine that my fascia is inflamed and that it needs to heal.

He had one of his associates do the ultrasound on the specific parts of my foot that he thought was the biggest issue.  He drew on my foot so that she would know specifically where to apply the ultrasound.  I didn't really feel anything other than the gel that she put on my foot.

He also taped my foot which really helped a ton.  It feels a lot different when I have my running shoes on as compared with my work shoes.  My guess is that this means that I have more support with my running shoes.  I will try to keep this dry for the next several days.

After I take off the tape he has a few stretches that he wants me to do.   One of the biggest weakness I have in my training is that rarely (if ever) stretch.  I want to be more flexible through this so I'm going to focus on this much more.  I want to enlist YOU if you're reading this to also give me a hard time about this.

So to say the least this was extremely helpful.  If you live anywhere near Etters PA and have foot issues I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Todd M Pelleschi, DPM.  564 OLD YORK RD
ETTERS, PA 17319
  Phone: (717) 938-5200.  He is a runner himself and this makes a huge difference.  Be prepared to wait for a month to see him, but it's very much worth it!

What next?  
- I'm able to run tomorrow (Saturday) as planned.
- He wants me to take about a week off and rest it so that the arch support can allow it to heal.
- Back off on my speed and distance and gradually build back up
- Go to the pool and do other cross-training to keep my cardiovascular system in shape.
- This means I will be figuring out how to put joining the YMCA as a part of our budget :-).

Thanks for all of your support.  I truly believe that this is going to help me become a better, stronger and more well-rounded runner.  What I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon I did minimal cross-training, essentially no stretching.  This time I'm going to do all of those things.

I'm excited :-).  Running happy for those that can't!