Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm famous! Week 2 of run/walk/run half marathon training

I'm going to start out the post with the email that I sent my e-coach, Chris Twiggs.

I had a solid week.  Monday night after we recorded with Kevin I put in my 45 mi run walk with about a 10 min mile for the first mile and then used a 1/1 ratio.

Tuesday I made it to spin.  Great workout.

Wednesday I slacked off

Thursday I made up for it by doing 45 min on the treadmill and then most of the water running workout. (Ran out of time)

Friday off

Today did 6 miles using 2/1.  Averaged about 13 min per mile.  Did it early and finished by 730am.

So overall it was an extremely productive week.  Lessons learned:
1.  Even though it can be hard to get up in the morning it is worth it.  The days that I got up to do my workouts I did really well at work getting my tasks accomplished and my mood was very positive.  Those days I missed I had to be careful with my self-talk and to be nice to myself :-).
2.  I need to focus on my running.  Whatever cross-training I can do is great, but that can't be my focus.
3.  I love run/walk/run.  I ran 6 miles in the very humid, hot weather this morning and I don't even feel like I ran at all.  Even though I ran a lot slower today than normal I feel amazing.
4.  Being consistently consistent is way better for me than being consistently inconsistent.  This is something that I am very much working on this season.  I still will listen to my body.
5.  I can't take being able to run for granted for a second.  There are many people who would love to run, but can't because they are injured.
6.  I miss running with my TNT buddies, but I'm still getting the job done and feeling great as a result.
7.  I enjoy spin class and I also have a great time with the water running.  I've been more diligent with this for this cycle of training than ever before ... even with my MCM training last year I did not do cross-training very consistently.

Thanks for reading.  Remember this: a mile is a mile regardless of if it's an 8:50min/mi or 13:00/mile.

One more thing:  The Extra Mile Podcast that I'm a part of had our introductions recorded this past Monday.  The podcast is up and can be found at  Enjoy!