Saturday, July 27, 2013

Run on the A.T. 7.5 miles (week 3)

I wanted to share the email I sent my e-coach Chris and then I'll explain more about my long run today.

I had a very good week.  My goal is to get all my running done in the AM, but that didn't happen this week.  Fortunately I was able to be flexible on Monday so I ran after all my responsibilities.  That run I did 3.75 miles in 45 minutes.  I believe I used a 1:3 ratio for the first mile and then used a 1:1 ratio for the rest of the run.  Pace was about  12:11 according to my Garmin.  Go to this link to see it.

Tuesday AM I had a great spin class.  I gave a solid effort on it.
Wednesday AM I met up with a friend for breakfast so I deferred my run until the evening.  I did it before dinner.  It was a bit cooler than it has been so I was hoping for a good run.  I decided to use a 3:1 run/walk/run ratio and that worked extremely well for me.  I was able to do the entire run that way without really slowing down at all.  It was extremely encouraging.  To see the details of this run go here :

Thursday I got up for spin again and I also had a great class.  I chose to give it a lot of extra effort even though my legs were tired from running so well the evening before.

Friday is my scheduled day off so I took it easy.

Saturday I ran on the Appalachian Trail.  Some of it was technical in that there were lots of rocks and roots that I need to look out for and therefore I ran slower and walked in places that I needed to walk.  I used a 2:1 ratio for the entire run.  It went very well and I'm very excited for the opportunity to run something a little bit more challenging.  The information from my run can be found here.

I'm open to any feedback or any changes that you need to make.  My foot feels pretty good.  I'll let you know if that changes.  It's a little sore, but nothing out of the ordinary since the trail was a little bit technical.

Thanks for your help!  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about what I've shared.  I'm still amazing at how wonderful I feel after running 7.5 challenging miles.  I love run/walk/run :-).  That ends the email that I sent coach Chris.

It was very cool to run on the Appalachian Trail.  I've run on "trails" before, but this was a "for real" trail.  I stumbled once, but I caught myself without falling or hurting myself (or my running buddy).  I was very careful and I had a great time.

The most notable animal that we say was a rabbit.  We joked about the tortoise (Linda and I) racing against the hare (the rabbit we saw).

I'm very excited about how things are going during this training cycle.  I'm making the best of coming back from an injury and I'm coming back stronger!

If you haven't seen the podcast that I'm a part of it's The Extra Mile Podcast.  Here's the link

If you want to go directly to where you can download it you can go here:  select the most recent podcast "taking a big bite."  The part where I share how a little bit about me and my training is at approximately the 60 minute mark in the podcast.  It is full of great information.  The run/walk/run method that Jeff Galloway explains has made all the difference in the world as I make my "comeback" from my foot injury.

Thanks for reading.  Would love feedback.  Run Happy!