Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 5 - Negley Park

Here's the email I sent Coach Chris Twiggs so you can understand where I've been this week.

I had a great week.  I ran 45 min both Monday and Wednesday.  I sent you the link for my Wednesday run that included a Magic Mile at the end of the run (  Mile 4 for that run was 8:23 which is the fastest I've run since I've been running as an adult.

Tuesday I went to spin and Thursday I took off as that was my actual anniversary.  Friday I did the water running.  Saturday I did more walking than I should on the day before a long run (I walked around fallingwater for our night away).  Sunday, today we walked around a cavern in western pa.  We had fun :-).

Today, Sunday I did 9 miles.  Most of it was at a 2:1 ratio but at one point we must have stopped and didn't realize that we switched it so it ended up being a 1:2 ratio.  This was not intentional.  Either way I finished running the 9 miles feeling strong and I did a bunch of things around the house.  Run/walk/run is great because even though it was over 85 degrees out we both finished with a smile on our face.  Thanks Chris!

Ok, so my full details from this run is

Thanks for reading!  Next week I have pace work on the track.  If you want to listen to the next episode of the Extra Mile Podcast that I'm a part of go to this link:

Thanks for reading and remember to run happy and to run for those who can't.