Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week 8: 8x800's pace work

Here's my email to Chris.  This pretty much explains what happened this week in my running world. 

Enjoy!  Feel free to leave comments!

Chris,  I wanted to update you on my week.  Overall it was a good running week, but I slacked off on my cross training.  I slept in on Monday, and then I also slept in on Tuesday.  I knew I needed to get my run in Tuesday so I went out after work.  That run went well and it was very hot and humid.  I ran 4.5 miles on Tuesday.  I ran my first mile at 10:05 using a 3:1 ratio.  The funny thing is that was just my natural pace and I was not trying to run a specific speed.  My overall pace for the Tuesday run was 10:38/mile.  It was 88% with a real feel of 90%.
You can find the stats here
I consulted with you and we decided to take Wednesday off and run again on Thursday.  My Thursday run was in the AM, but it was also super humid.  This was a bummer.  I ran my magic mile in 8:42.  Not my best, but I'll take it.  The rest of the run was rough.  It ended up being less than 4 miles for the run and it took over the 45 minutes.  I recognized that any run done is better than one I don't do.  I changed the ratio to 2:1 during part of the run.

Today, Saturday was different than the other two runs this week.  The primary thing that was the same was that it was hot and humid.  Here's how I did with my repeats.  Before I get specific this pace work went much better than the other two times.  I knew what was expected of me and this helped a lot.
1.  First lap 2:22, second lap 2:29 total 4:51.  I thought that this was because I did not compensate for walking for :30 during the second lap.  I fixed this in the rest of the repeats.
2.  First lap 2:20, second lap 2:21 total 4:41.  I'll take that!
3.  First lap 2:20, second lap 2:24; total 4:44
4.  First lap 2:20, second lap 2:20 perfect! :-)!  Total 4:40
5.  First lap 2:19, second lap 2:19 A little too fast, Total 4:38
6.  First lap 2:22, second lap 2:22; a little too slow, total 4:44
7.  First lap 2:20, second lap 2:21; total 2:41 close!
8.  First lap 2:23, second lap 2:18; total 2.41 I compensated for a slow first lap
Overall I am pleased with my efforts on this humid day.

I'm very excited about running the Bird in Hand half marathon next Saturday.  I know that I will be doing it relaxed with no pressure.  Any specific recommendations for the practice race?

As far as I can tell my game plan will be to run the first half using the 2:1 ratio.  After mile 7 or so I can choose whether or not to speed up a little bit?  I"m thinking that by mile 10 if I'm still feeling good that I'll be able to go a little faster.  Bottom line is I want to be smart about this as I would like to get a sub 2 hour half marathon for Hershey on October 20th.
Thanks for your help!