Saturday, September 28, 2013

12 X 800 repeats: Week 12 of Half Marathon Training

This week was successful.  I'm excited that my training is progressing well.  My foot still feels really good (remember I had Plantar fasciitis in this summer)?  Good old run/walk/run has helped with that and I've gotten much faster in a safe way :-).    Today I did pace work and it went well.  It was extremely challenging, but I think I had the last laugh in the last repeat!  Here's my email to coach Chris.  #runhappy
The week I made it to all of my runs and did them on the days that are on the schedule.  Still no cross-training this week, but it was a good week overall.
Monday - I did my Monday run first thing in the morning.  I did about a 2 mile run and then did my magic mile.  The first part of my run was about a 10 minute mile and then my magic mile was 7:39.  This was my fastest mile to date :-).  Here are the details for these runs. - Regular run - MM

Wednesday - I slept in on Wednesday morning, but had a really good 5 mile run.   Average pace 9:25.  Felt good.  Used 4:1 ratio. 

Today I did my 12 X 800's.  I knew that this would be a very physically and mentally challenging run.  Things that I told myself during the run to keep me positive includes the following: relax, power, glide... I feel good, I feel great... I can do anything, I am not afraid.  1:59:59 (my goal).  Among other things.

Here's the repeats  Goal was 2:10 each lap with a total of 4:20 per 800
1.  2:10, 2:10 - 4:20 - perfect!
2.  2:13, 2:15 - 4:28
3. 2:12, 2:14 - 4:26
4. 2:11, 2:11 - 4:22
5. 2:16, 2:08 - 4:24
6. 2:11, 2:16 - 4:27
7. 2:14, 2:11 - 4:25
8. 2:20, 2:14 - 4:34 (We'll throw that one out!)
9. 2:13, 2:06 - 4:19
10. 2:11, 2:12 - 4:23
11. 2:13, 2:10 - 4:23
12. 2:09, 2:08 - 4:17
I did my best to leave it all on the track and to finish as strong as I could.  I did a decent job not allowing repeat 8 to get into my head.  I KNOW I will get a PR for Hershey Oct 20th.  I also believe that if everything lines up right I'll achieve my goal of getting a sub-2 hour half marathon.
Can't wait until my 17 mile run on Friday.  I'm moving it to Friday because I have a marriage conference on Saturday morning and I'd rather take off Friday and do it then rather than waiting until after 1pm on Saturday.
This was very challenging working this morning, but I am excited that by me doing an extra magic mile on Monday provided the extra challenging for faster times for the repeats.

I truly am converted to Run/walk/run as I am feeling wonderful.  Thanks Chris!