Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 10: 10 x 800's at Messiah College

Here's the update I sent my Galloway e-coach Chris and then my reflections.
Chris, Here's my update for week 10.  I skipped the cross training this week, but nailed all of my running workouts.
Tuesday: I ran my magic mile at 7:54.  This was my best mile time since High School.  The data for this magic mile is:
Thursday:  I ran using a 4:1 ratio.  It was very humid and difficult run.  Ran 3.23 miles and my average pace was 10:47.  Data for this run is:
Saturday I had 10 x 800's.  Here's the information for this.  I do have garmin data for this, but each repeat has it's own link.
1:  lap 1: 2:12 and lap 2: 2:17 - total 4:29
2: lap 1: 2:12 and lap 2: 2:20 - total 4:22
3. lap 1: 2:11 and lap 2: 2:05 - total 4:16
4: lap 1: 2:07 and lap 2: 2:10 - total 4:17
5: lap 1: 2:13 and lap 2: 2:18 - total 4:31
6: lap 1: 2:16 and lap 2: 2:10 - total 4:26
7: lap 1: 2:13 and lap 2: 2:13 - total 4:26
8: lap 1: 2:14 and lap 2: 2:08 - total 4:22
9: lap 1 2:14 and lap 2: 2:11- total 4:25
10 lap 1: 2:13 and lap 2: 2:11 - total 4:24
Overall this was very challenging.  I did not intend to go faster than 4:24 per 800.  I was not trying to go as fast as I could, but trying to key in on my race pace.  These are the paces that I ran.  I was amazed that no one came to the track during this whole workout.  When I was on my lap after repeat 10 someone else came on the track.  I had to use all internal motivation for this.
Let me know if there should be any more modifications after these repeats.

Reflections:  This week was by far the best I've ever done the week after a half-marathon.    I can't believe that I ran a mile at less than an 8 minute pace.  I struggle with believing in myself.  I think that my mind has held me back lately.  I am trying to blast through this.  My pace work today helped me with this.  Also I'm visualizing getting a sub-2 hour half marathon.  It was really cool with my 800 repeats today because each time I cross the "finish line" I visualized that I needed to finish strong in order to achieve my goal.

By the way, my overall goal for my running is that I can #runhappy and that I will be able to run until I'm 100 years old.  I know that I'm going to give it my best shot to get under 2 hours, but I won't allow that goal to be completely the focus of all my attention.  I realized today why pace work is not included in most (if not all) beginning training.  It's super hard work!

It was a good week.  Next week I have a 15 mile training run.  Yes, I'm doing 15 miles in preparation for a half-marathon.  The following week I have 12 x 800's and then I'll be doing a 17 mile training run.  If you want to learn more about the run/walk/run training program that I'm using feel free to go to Jeff Galloway's website:

#runhappy, #runforthosewhocant