Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 11 of Half Marathon Training: 15 mile long run

This week started out a little rough since I did not get up on Monday morning.  I had to do my run in the evening and that meant that it happened around 8:30pm.  I completely recovered and had a solid week.  

Here's what I wrote Coach Chris and some more reflections.  My overall goal is to #runhappy and I believe that I'm almost all set for a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I am confident that if things go even close to plan I will have a new Personal Record.  Currently my PR is 2:18:20.  My last half marathon in Bird-in-Hand two weeks ago I ran a 2:20.  I used walk breaks for this last half marathon and I will do this in the Hershey Half Marathon as well.

Coach Chris,

My week went very well.  It started out a little rough with needing to get my Monday run in fairly late at night, but I got it done.  I went to spin on Tuesday.  I ran on Wednesday.  I didn’t get up for spin on Thursday.  Took Friday completely off.  Saturday, today, I did my long run of 15 miles.

Details for Monday:
Ran 3.29 mi in 29:48.  Used 4:1 ratio.  Each mile I ran faster than the last.  9:25, 9:03 and 8:40.  This was in the evening.   Specific details here:  

Details for Wednesday:
Ran 4.24 mi in 42:24.  Used 4:1 ratio.  Ran with a friend in the AM.  Average pace 10:01.  Specific details:

Details for Saturday (today):
Ran 15.10 mi in 3:00:31.  Used 2:1 ratio.  Tried to keep it at a pace of 12:00/mile average.    My actual average was 11:57 min/mi.  I very much held myself back.  The image of a caged bird came to mind J.  It was awesome to be able to go beyond the race distance and still feel wonderful.  I seriously feel as good or even better than then I did after the 11 mile run that I talked about on the podcast.  Run/walk/run is working wonders!  All the details you would ever want to know are here:  

I look forward to running my 12 X 800’s next week.  Are there any modifications?  Do you need me to do another Magic Mile?

Thanks for everything you have done so far!  Regardless as to whether or not I get under 2 hours, I will still crush my PR :-).  #runhappy