Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 9: Bird in Hand Half Marathon

Here's my email to Coach Chris Twiggs director of the Galloway Training Programs. 

Here's my update about my training this week.

First, I did not do any cross training, but I did both of my regular weekday runs.  On Monday (Labor Day)  I ran 4.55 miles in 47 using 3:1 ratio.  It was 90 percent humidity.  Sweat a lot, but it felt pretty good.

Wednesday I ran 5 miles in 51 minutes using 3:1 ratio for the first part and then the last mile I tried 4:1.  This felt amazing as it was a wonderful temp.

Today, Saturday I ran the Bird-in-hand half marathon as a training run.  I stuck to the plan and I felt very good during the last mile.  The last mile was very close to a 10 min mile.

Mile 1: 11:03
Mile 2:  11:04
Mile 3:  10:58
Mile 4:  10:56
Mile 5:  10:46
Mile 6:  11:18
Mile 7:  11:03
Mile 8:  10:19
Mile 9:  10:39
Mile 10: 9:58
Mile 11:  10:21
Mile 12: 10:59
Mile 13: 10:03

As you can see I was kept to the plan (at least as close as I could.  I did run the first half using a 2:1 ratio.  Then ran the next 3 miles at 3:1 ratio.  The last 5K I ran using a 4:1 ratio.

All the specific details can be found here:

Overall I felt wonderful during and after this run.  I struggled a little bit on the mental side of things at mile 12, but I pulled it together during the last mile.

I am very excited to see what you have in store for me during these next 6 weeks or so between now and the Hershey half.  My overall time was 2:20.  This is less than 2 minutes slower than my PR.  Very happy about this because I definitely held back on this run.
Note about the Galloway method:
1.  I've officially converted to the "dark side" of run/walk/run
2.  We had several comments about how we were walking and we were still keeping up with people.
3.  My foot feels great after this half marathon using run/walk/run
4.  I feel wonderful after the run.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for me for Hershey.  I'm enjoying today and the accomplishment of finishing a half marathon.

Monday, I'm back at the training.

My reflections about my training:
1.  I am thrilled that I ran the Bird-in-Hand half marathon.  It was a very well done race.  A must run for all runners.  Truly a world-class event even though it has a 1400 runners.  They did an awesome job.
2.  I want to work on my nutrition for the Hershey Half.  I forgot my gel and I could have used that to finish even stronger.
3.  Run/walk/run has been very helpful to get me back in shape after my foot issues.
4.  Using a run/walk/run ratio will truly help me run until I'm 100 and that's the goal.  Getting a PR is great when it happens, but it's really about running in community and enjoying the process.

Thanks for reading this post.  More to come as I work to get under 2 hours for the Hershey Half.  This means I need to take 18 minutes and 41 seconds off my PR (That I got earlier this year at the Chambersburg half).