Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 14 Half marathon training

It's hard to believe that this time next week I'll be setting out all of my gear for the Hershey Half marathon.  It has been an awesome experience.  I find that this year is a lot different than last year since I have put some pressure on myself to perform at a certain level.  The crazy part is that my goal is to take almost 19 minutes off of my previous best time... using walk breaks.  My PR currently stands at 2:18:40.  My stated goal: get 1:59:59 or faster in the Hershey Half Marathon on October 20, 2013. 
Here's what I wrote Coach Chris,

It's hard to believe that I'm in taper mode already.  Here's my update from the week.  I have recovered well from my illness and I had a good run this morning.

Here's  my update from the week.

I skipped my Monday run all together since I was still sick and I had off work.  This is when I went to the doctor and he put me on some meds.  I took it easy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I decided that it was best to run Thursday because I was feeling much better.  This run was interesting because I was so excited about being able to run again ... since last Friday was my last run that I completely forgot my walk breaks until I was almost done with the run... oops!  Here's the proof.  The funny thing is that my pace is slower here than when I use walk breaks.  As I mentioned I tripped (on myself) and scrapped my knee.  It didn't seem bad at all at that point, but I did not want to take any chances so I walked the rest of the way home.
This morning I did my 5 mile run with a magic mile.  I slightly changed the location of the MM due to the rain we had yesterday and the wet leaves.  I ran 2.25 miles and then did my MM.  I wanted to try to make sure I was really close to my previous magic miles since that is a huge predictor for my pace in the race.  I wanted to prove to myself that I can get a 1:59:59 or faster for the Hershey Half.  This is the confidence booster that I needed :-).
I feel good about how things went and how I recovered from what's happened in the last week or so.  I'm ready to rock it out next Sunday.  I look forward to having our conversation for the podcast on Tuesday and finding out exactly what our game plan is for the race.

Thanks for calling me back on Monday and letting me know the importance of "staying the course" and not worrying about the last long run.

That's the end of my email to Coach Chris.

I don't know exactly what my "game plan" is for the race yet, but I'll find out either on Tuesday during our podcast call or in an email in the next few days.  My guess is that I'll start out the race using my training pace ratio 2:30/1 for the first portion of my race with a target pace of 10 minute miles.  Then I'll probably go to a 3/1 or 4/1 ratio to get it down to the 9 minute miles.  I'm not worried about it because I've done the training and I have the "hay" in the barn for this race.

I never did get my "do over" run for last week, but I'm OK with that and I'm ready to kick butt in Hershey.

Here's the video for the course.  It's a fun course and it is much better than it was two years ago (at least from what I can see and from what friends have told me).  Here's the link: or