Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 16 and what's next!

I'm sharing with you my email to Coach Chris.  I didn't really write anything extra today, but there's some good stuff at the end... you'll want to know what I'm up to next :-)
I had a great recovery week.  I did not get up early to do my weekday runs.
On Tuesday I had my daughter and we did 10 seconds running and 50 seconds walking.  This worked as good as could be asked for a run with a two year old :-).  I'm starting her young!
I ran Thursday for about 40 minutes at 9:54  per mile.  It felt great to run 4 miles with no pain from the race on Sunday.  I used 4:1 ratio.  Here's the info:
Today I ran 5 miles using the 2:30/1 ratio.  I kept in mind what you said about this being a recovery run.  I was able to keep it to an 11 min/mile overall pace.  It felt really great considering I raced less than a week ago.  Here's the data for this!
I love run/walk/run.  As I said in a previous post/podcast I have been converted to the "dark side."  I'm also trying to show how others can join me as well.  They are having trouble wrapping their brain around how they can run faster by using strategic walk breaks.

Just a few reasons I love run/walk/run:
1.  I was able to run two runs the week after the race and I felt great during and after.
2.  The day of the half-marathon I was able to live my life normally.  I did NOT have the issues that I had in previous half marathons.
3.  I used walk breaks and I got a 3 minute and 31 second PR.  This one speaks for itself!
4.  I got to have awesome coaching from Chris Twiggs, and have been able to participate in the Galloway Extra Mile podcast-Half Marathon edition as a contributor.
5.  I now have a tool that will help me run until I'm 100.
6.  I am planning to bridge my training so that I can train for the 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville Florida.  I will start up the marathon training soon.  :-).