Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marathon Training week 11/16/13

I went on vacation to NC this week to visit family, but I still stayed focused on my running goals.

I wanted to go longer on these first two runs, but I kept it short and simple.  On Monday I did a run where I ran a total of 4 miles.  This was a fun run because I ran 3 miles to Krispy Kreme doughnut store and had two "hot now" original doughnuts.  I then ran a mile back to the house.  The cool part is that this last mile was my fastest mile and I actually had a negative split for this run.  I used 4/1 ratio.

The second 45 minute run was supposed to be on a greenway, but I took the wrong part and ended up on ECU campus so I had to go the other way.  It was cold and I did not have the proper clothes (just long shirt and shorts, but no gloves).  I never did warm up from the run and it was icy on the wooden bridges for the greenway.  Overall it was a good run.  Used a 4/1 ratio.

Today I was back to my normal route.  I had a 5 mile run including a magic mile on the schedule for today.  I ran the first 4 miles at an average pace of 10:56/mi.  I ran it like a normal long run so I used 2:30/1 ratio.  The last mile was my magic mile and I ran it in 8:06 which I'm pleased with since I haven't run anything fast since the Hershey Half marathon.

I'm still working on "resetting" my training and focusing more on endurance than on speed for the marathon in February.  Again, I'm not so concerned about a specific time goal for the 26.2 with Donna.

I spent some time during my vacation to focus on my mindset so I can overcome any obstacles to my training.  One of my big goals this training cycle is is to make sure that I get as many of my runs in the morning as I possibly can (because this helps me at work and also helps me have more time with family in the evening).  Also I'm going to make it a huge priority to make sure I make it to spin class and/or spend time in the pool doing water running.

The greatest blessing lately has been seeing my two year old daughter starting to get into running in the house.  Can't wait til she can run her own races :-)!

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